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Chinese help Ai Weiwei after huge tax bill
Uploaded by AlJazeeraEnglish on Nov 8, 2011

The Chinese government has imposed on a dissident artist a massive tax bill for alleged tax evasion, which many argue is politically motivated.

Thousands of Ai Weiwei's supporters have mobilised to help him cover the 15m yuan ($2.4m) bill and avoid a jail term, a development the government did not expect.

They contributed over $5.3m yuan ($830,000) in just 48 hours later.

Al Jazeera's Melissa Chan reports from Beijing.

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    Good luck.
    momoisdrug 36 minutes ago

    He is a Chinese hero.
    contacter 1 hour ago

    The usual clumsy move by the Chinese government. where can i send to donate to him?
    contacter 1 hour ago

    The guy at 1:16 coming w/ little kid, throwing money through the door into the courtyard, and walking away to show his support in silence... very dramatic...
    TheEsotericDesi 1 hour ago

    Communist Govt in Beijing just shot itself in the foot again...
    TheEsotericDesi 1 hour ago

    AlJazeera (Melissa Chan ) thanks for your news about Ai Wei Wei.

    i was so worried about him.

    wondering what might have happened with Ai Wei Wei.

    the government (CCP) with No Moral and No Aesthetic can do anything with anybody.

    this tax story is a drama played by CCP to torture Ai Wei Wei.

    don't worry Ai Wei Wei , the world is with you.
    123klpd 2 hours ago

    troubles of running a republic.
    sequenced 2 hours ago

    CCP ( chinese communist party ) had to make some-stories to torture Ai Wei Wei , because he is speaking the truth ( the truth about oppressive government ).

    who ever speaks against CCP is a criminal in CCP's eyes.

    this Tax story is a drama played by CCP.

    do you think Hu Jintao's son-inlaw pays the tax ????
    123klpd 2 hours ago

    He should win Nobel prize!
    rightclique 3 hours ago

    Fuck this sellout
    HanZeroon 5 hours ago

    Freedom and liberty comes from God. Communism comes from Satan.
    Walhei960 6 hours ago

    @Walhei960 fuck god
    RichL123 6 hours ago

    @Walhei960 This is one of the best posts on youtube. Not because it's good, or true, but because it's so stupid.
    dtrmp4 6 hours ago

    @Walhei960 This so stupid, that even stupidity facepalmed itself, and it's entirely embarrased.
    NobiscumDeus1 5 hours ago 2

    @Walhei960 Troll?
    13baldjj 5 hours ago

    Ai Weiwei is an inspiration. 
    monalisasmilesforyou 6 hours ago

    Ai Wei wei is now the world's most famous artist. He could easily just focus on living a life of luxury but this brave,daring and outspoken artist risks his life and freedom to challenge the Government, He has true integrity and every artist should support him. He demonstrates the power art has to bring about  positive change. All the world is watching China over this. It's not only ALJazeera but all the world media is reporting.
    fjt108 7 hours ago

    His English is pretty good.
    Nelmistro 7 hours ago

    The money raised could be used for starving children or those in low income, The Peoples Republic of China. I understand that freedom of speech is important but to feed the hungry should be a higher priority. The number of people in China live on less than $2/day which is approximately 468 million, or 36% of the population, according to 2009 estimates. Shouldn't society reexamine there motives or raising 5 mill dollars? Shouldn't Government reconsider the fine and offer forgiveness of debt?
    guidedbythespirit 7 hours ago

    @guidedbythespirit I curious to how people can address these issues without the assistance of freedom of speech, think about it. A government can hide information of poverty and/or disguise it just to ignore the problem, plus free flow of information can improve these types of situations. As I communicate with you, you bring up a point with this poverty problem. Solutions originate from the free flow of information and unrestricted communication with each other, and there is a lot of problems.
    Quantum205 7 hours ago


    opposing tyranny is very important
    xbertocoaylax 6 hours ago

    @xbertocoaylax True, abuse of power should not go unnoticed, but currently the Chinese Government is doing just that. The current standards the government imposed are regulatory and considered treason and is unlawful in the Chinese Governments eyes, Right? Weiwei committed a crime according to the statutory law therefore he should pay the fine. The 36% of the Chinese population has not committed a crime yet they go hungry... Why?
    guidedbythespirit 4 hours ago

    Basically BBC BS needs a new wrapper, right?

    Try to get a list of all the items sold by this "artist" and count the amount. Five million RMB is pocket change. So, don't pretend that the amount is significant in any measure. The National endowment has much much more!

    The irony here is that the "brutal police state" seems to play by the book and does what it says. Now that's something we can't expect from most of the "democracies".
    weissman2000 8 hours ago

    I hope the government officials won't see this as a business.

    Some official is probably thinking something like; $2,4m for each artist, just think about how much you can earn with 10 artists
    07084935 8 hours ago

    Why are we putting up with this garbage from our "governments?" When will the majorities (citizens) rise up and knock these criminal government monstrosities back down to size???
    DivinityBleu 8 hours ago

    I mean seriously, Look at Chan's reports. I am literally talking about every single of her report is to say China is evil, it's bad, it needs to be destroyed. Seriously??  You think people are fucking stupid or something? Journalists ain't all that smart. Just saying. You think highly of yourself because you have a voice to project your bias view on certain ideas. But don't think the viewers aren't smart enough to see through your bull shit.
    VanYYFan 9 hours ago
    This has been flagged as spam   show
    SerratedXx 8 hours ago

    Every single report about China on AUazeeraEnglish has been completely negative. Don't you think people would start to wonder about the credibility of AUazeera after watching 30 something videos about China and every single video talks about just how bad China is. It's like everyone lives there suffer like North Koreans. Are you serious?? When you make things too obvious, it no longer has its effects. Just saying. When you make ur news to become propaganda. people will see through it.

    VanYYFan 9 hours ago 2

    West Media love hiring the Asian bitch to do their news, then fuck her in bed. self hate white men loving lol. I bet she loves to suck that white cock.

    However, I support Ai Wei Wei in some of his philosophy. But i have been watching Chan's reports, every single report on China has been all entirely negative. Every single one of them has been about how EVIL China is, It's like a country of Hell. You think people might not be aware the level of propaganda in this kind of reports??
    VanYYFan 9 hours ago

    @VanYYFan This is AlJazeera douche-bag, go to some associated press video and comment there.
    guest062888 9 hours ago

    @guest062888 and you making AlJazeera to sound like some kind of Nobel Prize winning news organization lmao when it reports 30 videos on a country and every single one of them is all negative. Like the country has NOTHING going for them. It's all SADDDNESS, EVILLL, SUFFFERR, LIke some FUCKING cartoon.
    VanYYFan 9 hours ago

    @VanYYFan No i am saying this is not fucking Western media so don't bitch here about it...Anyways, Western media>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>feces>>­>>>>>>>>>>.Chinese media
    guest062888 8 hours ago
    Comment removed
    VanYYFan 9 hours ago

    The Chinese government should take a course on the Streisand effect. Don't know what it is? Look it up.
    DurzaGaiden 9 hours ago

    amazing and inspiring story! 
    natamonroe 9 hours ago

    "Chinese people needs to be controlled" - Jackie Chan
    pentium2028 9 hours ago

    The biggest enemy of China and it's people is the communist party.

    More than 50 millions deaths in the last 60 years, brainwash and dehumanization.
    jb0433628 9 hours ago

    @jb0433628 ur mother is my enemy
    hanprider 9 hours ago

    @hanprider Don't bother they will continue to believe the western propaganda about the Mao era of China. The PRC has long turned capitalist and turned against it's working class.
    kenderoth8 9 hours ago 2